We believe that our services should be as unique as your needs are. Each client will receive one-on-one consulting, where we will discuss your needs, issues, and goals for the future.

  1. We can show you how to grow your business by looking at data trends, using both your data and publicly available data. If you do not have any data, we will figure out strategies to collect new data or interpolate and estimate data.
  2. We can find out if your marketing campaigns are effective in bringing in more customers or sales.
  3. We also do statistics, mathematics, and programming work, such as computing projected sales and building an analytics-driven website.

Data we collect will be strictly used for your project and can be provided for you at any time.*


Our rates are dependent on the scope and size of the project. To obtain a quote, contact us today. We use PayPal for our invoicing to keep your payment information safe. PayPal accepts credit, debit, and PayPal.

*Legal exclusions apply.